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Architectural Drafter

Tustin, ca · Construction/Facilities
The Engineering Technician plays a key role on the Engineering Team by performing all the duties required to help engineer a complete glazed system from which the field installation teams can build and/or install complete glazed systems for the commercial construction industry.  In this capacity, the Engineering Technician—at varying levels of responsibility commensurate with experience—supports project teams as required, and is accountable to the Engineering Manager, Project Engineering Team Leads, Design Manager, CAD Manager, Development Lead, and more senior members of the team. At all levels, the Engineering Technician shall function as more than just a drafter by possessing mechanical aptitude, computer hardware, and software aptitude, and the ability and agility to adapt to and grow with the engineering methods.  This includes the ability to use—and/or quickly develop the ability to use—software tools and templates developed and deployed to create shop drawings, material take-offs, and fabrication documents (e.g. AutoCAD 2010, Inventor, and MS Excel).  The Engineering Technician must possess—or be able to quickly develop—strong knowledge of the materials and fasteners that are used to engineer glazed systems, and be able to read, understand, and interpret architectural drawings.  Finally, the Engineering Technician must be able to take direction from more senior members of the Engineering Team, yet also be able to recognize and communicate with the team ideas for better-engineered solutions. Desirable candidates will be required to complete short, written and practical computer exams before being considered for the position. Required and desired knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience are as follows: 
Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience: Minimum of one year of recent, contiguous experience using AutoCAD 2007 or later in the primary job; must understand and be able to use major functions in AutoCAD (e.g. CUI, X-Refs, blocks, dynamic blocks) 
 MS Office program skills, with above-average knowledge of Excel.  Strong ability to read, understand and interpret architectural drawings.  Ability to create shop drawings using 2D CAD, and create material take-offs and fabrication drawings from shop drawings.  Ability to thrive as a member of a dynamic engineering team in the commercial construction industry.  Ability to communicate and contribute new ideas for engineering methods.  Ability to perform duties without requiring constant supervision and correction Ability and desire to learn new skills as required through on-the-job training and formal classroom training 
Desired Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience: At least 2 years of design/drafting experience in the commercial construction, aerospace, power plant, or petroleum industries. Knowledge of materials, processes, and fasteners used in the commercial construction industry. One or more years of experience using Inventor, Solidworks, Pro/E, Revit, or other similar solid modeling software tools.  Formal classroom training in the use of AutoCAD and Inventor. Ability to use and create MS Access databases VBA programming skills. LISP programming skills
Must have longevity in their jobs- Not interested in candidates that have multiple jobs in length of a year or 2.  
Must have progressed in their field accepting more responsibility
Must not have only architectural experience or predominately architectural experience
Must have manufacturing background
Must have drawn plans for others to build and have a direct interaction with building parts
Must have glass or related field experience ie:  cabinetry, structural engineering, skylights
Must have higher education- Not interested in ITT candidates unless they have additional formal training
Required Skills:
Auto Cad  ( Prefer Auto Cad 2006 and above)
2 D , 2 D Isos, 3 D
Math Conversions- Feet to inches/inches to feet, decimals to fractions/fractions to decimals, metric inches conversions-  Must be able to do manual conversions. Must have ability to use trigonometry and geometry.
Must have experience with more than typical computer functions. Examples:  Shortcuts/ HTRL,  exceptional files and folders organization.
Excel, Micro Soft Word, Outlook,
Revit  (Not required but a plus)
Must be able to sit, stand, walk, reach and lift to 50 lbs.

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